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Experiencing trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, or any mental health challenge can lead to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. During these times, it can be very hard to know where to turn to look for help. At Midnight Sun Psychological Wellness Centre (MSPWC), we are here to be that help.

We use a variety of trauma informed therapeutic modalities to meet our client’s unique and diverse challenges, and ultimately, work towards healing.
Healing involves reinforcing our clients’ existing strengths while helping them to build new skills and coping strategies. We understand that healing is a journey filled with many ups and downs and we aim to walk alongside our clients as they navigate that difficult, yet rewarding, journey.

What is therapy and how do you find the right therapist for you?

We can help with many concerns


Our approach to working with ADHD combines the neuropsychology of ADHD with cognitive and behavioural interventions.


Anxiety is one of the most common mental health challenges affecting almost 30% of adults at some point in their lives.


Depression can leave a person feeling perpetually sad and tired with no motivation or energy to perform daily activities.

Grief & Loss Counselling

While grieving any loss is normal, it is a hard and tumultuous process that can become complicated if left incomplete.

Indigenous Struggles

Culturally competent counselling may be a starting place for Indigenous Individuals to begin their healing journey.

Racialized Struggles

We provide cultural competence and compassionate counselling to all racialized individuals struggling with their mental health.


Individuals struggling with PTSD experience major disruptions to their body’s functioning, mood, sleep, ability to work, and relationships.

Sexual Assault Trauma

Recovering from sexual violence can be very difficult but is absolutely possible. The recovery process begins the moment survivors reach out for help.

Childhood Trauma and Developmental Traumas

Developmental traumas occur as a result of being mistreated, neglected, abused, or manipulated as a child.

Chronic Pain/Chronic Illness

Persistent illnesses and pain, such as chronic pain or autoimmune illnesses, are emotionally, physically, and mentally stressful.

Session Options

It’s important to find the right therapist for you. We offer all prospective clients  a free 20 minute consultation to determine if we are the right fit for you. Get in contact with us today! 

Sliding Scale Available

At Midnight Sun Psychological Wellness Centre we believe that mental health should be as accessible as possible. For that reason we always try to offer a sliding scale, for any of our session options, to our clients who need it. Please call us to discuss your sliding scale options.

Options for your session

$220 / Hour

$220 / Hour

$220 / Hour

$220 / Hour

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