Chronic Pain/Chronic Illness

Chronic pain/illness can be emotionally, physically, and psychologically draining.The constant vigilance over our bodies and the fear of experiencing the next pain can be frustrating and overwhelming. Research shows that therapies like EMDR and somatic approaches, which are offered by MSPWC, are highly effective for working with chronic pain/illness.
Experiencing pain and illness at points in our life is normal. Typically, feeling pain serves the function of alerting our bodies that something is not right. However, persistent illnesses and pain, such as chronic pain or autoimmune illnesses, are emotionally, physically, and mentally stressful.
Chronic conditions affect our everyday lives in various meaningful ways. Many individuals with chronic conditions find new challenges in seemingly normal activities such as socialization, physical activity, cooking and dining out, choosing clothes, or partaking in intimate activities.
These challenges can lead many individuals with chronic conditions to experience depression, anxiety, fatigue, mood changes, and frustration.

Treatment Options

The most common types of therapeutic interventions for helping clients with chronic pain/illness manage their mental health are psychotherapy and stress-reduction techniques.
Psychotherapy can help clients to process their mental and emotional responses. Stress-reduction techniques teach clients about the different activities and coping skills they can use to reduce the stress associated with their chronic condition. Contact us for more information on the treatment options available at MSPWC for chronic conditions.