Diversity Workshops​

It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences

~ Audre Lorde

The very idea of diversity and inclusion is rapidly changing and evolving from what many of us learned in our lives.
In the past, racism was limited to acts of overt discrimination targeting a racialized individual or group(s). However, racial discrimination, and our understanding of it, has evolved to include more covert forms of racism such as racial microaggressions, cultural appropriation, and the like. The evolution of racial discrimination, and its’ understanding, have left many people unsure about what racism is, how it applies to them, and what to do about it.

At Midnight Sun Psychological Wellness Centre (MSPWC), we have created a workshop that answers each of these questions and more.

Unlike many traditional workshops focusing only on overt forms of racism, our diversity workshops give equal weighting to overt and covert forms of racism as well as concepts of diversity and inclusion. In general, our workshops are delivered using a tri-fold approach consisting of three phases: Initiate, Understand, and Challenge.

The Initiate phase of the workshop is focused on beginning the conversation about race, racism, diversity, and inclusion. Some of the themes covered in this phase are:

The Understand phase of the workshop is focused on understanding the racial realities of racialized groups and individuals. Using empirical research, this phase of the workshop explores the following themes:

Finally, the Challenge phase of the workshop is about integrating the information and discussions from the workshop into each participants’ lives. In this phase, participants will:

For more information about our diversity workshops, please feel free to email or call us.

Workshop Fee

All of our workshops are uniquely designed to meet the needs of our clients. As such, our fees differ with the length, time, and information that our clients require. Please call us to discuss your needs and we can discuss a quote that matches your unique requirements.