Grief and Loss Counselling

While grieving any loss is normal, it is a hard and tumultuous process that can become complicated if left incomplete. At MSPWC, we support our clients through the grieving process by helping clients to understand and accept their loss and find their own closure using approaches such as EMDR, narrative therapy, and more.

What is grief and loss?

Every person experiences loss of some kind in their lifetime whether it’s the loss of a job, loved one, pet, or relationship. Grief is the general response to loss while bereavement is the specific type of grieving that happens when a loved one passes.
Grief is a normal and individual process that involves feelings of sadness, guilt, yearning, anger, regret, joy, and contentment. Everyone grieves in their own way and in their own time. Grieving any loss can be a difficult process that includes many complications. Incomplete grieving processes can lead to complicated grief for some individuals.
Many people find that seeking therapy during their grieving process helps them to make sense of their experience, and find a sense of closure.

What are some of the therapeutic options for working with grief?

There are many psychotherapies which work to help process grief. Ultimately, individuals who are grieving need the opportunity to understand and accept their loss, work through the emotions associated with grief, adapt to a new life with the loss, and develop new connections and meanings with the loss and present life.
All the therapeutic interventions offered by MSPWC are compatible with grief and loss work. Please feel free to ask your therapist about which intervention might work best with your needs.