Indigenous Struggles

We provide culturally competent and compassionate counselling to all Indigenous individuals struggling with their mental health.
We use a combination of therapies, such as narrative therapy, EMDR, CBT, somatic approaches, and mindfulness to meet the unique mental health challenges faced by the Indigenous community. The injustices faced by Indigenous Peoples cannot be undone though counselling alone. However, culturally competent counselling may be a starting place for Indigenous Individuals to begin their healing journey.

What are some of the struggles facing Indigenous people?

Indigenous Peoples in Canada have a history of being brutalized, killed, denied rights, and looked down upon as second-class citizens.
The Govt. of Canada forcibly removed Indigenous Peoples from their lands, performed genocide against Indigenous groups, and took steps to forcibly assimilate Indigenous Peoples into White and Christian cultures (Hall, 1997).
Residential schools were a result of government policies that aimed to assimilate Indigenous children into Western society and eradicate Indigenous language and culture (Barnes & Josefowitz, 2019). While at residential schools, many Indigenous children experienced maltreatment, neglect, bullying, physical and sexual assault, and psychological abuse (Barnes & Josefowitz, 2019; Hackett et al., 2016).

For many Indigenous individuals, this exposure to parental loss, institutional care, forced acculturation, racism, discrimination, maltreatment, and trauma has left many residential school survivors with chronic emotional distress, shame, and mistrust. Additionally, residential schools have created intergenerational trauma for Indigenous Peoples. Past and present injustices experienced by Indigenous peoples have left many Indigenous members of society struggling with depressions, anxiety, trauma, addiction, and other mental health challenges.
At MSPWC, we have therapists who are specialized in working with Indigenous individuals. Our therapists understand that Indigenous Peoples are individuals within the context of their culture. As such, we aim to lead our therapy with respectful curiosity, compassion, and empathy. We also try to connect our Indigenous clients with resources outside of therapy so that they can be part of a supportive community.
Moreover, we understand that we might not always be the right fit for everyone. In that case, we are more than happy to find referrals that meet the needs of our clients. Please let us know how we can help you receive the services you need.