Racialized Struggles

We provide culturally competent and compassionate counselling to all racialized individuals struggling with their mental health. We use a combination of therapies, such as narrative therapy, EMDR, CBT, somatic approaches, and mindfulness to meet the unique mental health challenges faced by racialized members of our community. The systematic inequalities experienced by racialized communities cannot be fixed though counselling alone. However, culturally competent counselling may be a starting place for racialized Individuals to begin their healing journey.

What does it mean to be racialized?

MSPWC uses the term racialized, rather than visible minority, to indicate that race is a social, not biological, construct. For racialized individuals, the process of racialization makes their race an important part of their identity and their unique experiences of inequality.
Racialization is a social process which judges, categorizes, and creates differences between people. Simply, racialization is an ideology that makes race seem real, different, and unequal thus creating inequalities between races in economic, social, and political spheres.

What are some of the struggles facing racialized individuals?

Many racialized individuals face mental health challenges as a result of attempting to assimilate into Canadian society, navigating Canadian culture, creating a multicultural identity, negotiating cultural family dynamics with Canadian culture, and experiencing discrimination and racism.
The challenges faced by racialized individuals are varied and reflective of the unique culture and circumstances each racialized individual comes from. Navigating one’s life in Canadian culture can lead to feelings of loneliness, frustration, sadness, anxiety, perpetual worry, chronic stress, and more.
Moreover, often racialized individuals are weary of therapy or worry about being understood in therapy. Racialized individuals might feel therapy is not working, their therapist does not understand their situation, or they might experience unintentional or intentional racism in therapy.
At MSPWC, we have therapists who are specialized in working with racialized individuals. Our therapists understand that each racialized person is an individual within the context of their culture. As such, we aim to lead our therapy with respectful curiosity, compassion, and empathy.
We also try to connect our racialized clients with resources outside of therapy so that they can be part of a supportive community. Moreover, we understand that we might not always be the right fit for everyone. In that case, we are more than happy to find referrals that meet the needs of our clients. Please let us know how we can help you receive the services you need.