Midnight Sun Psychological Wellness Centre offers secure and confidential telehealth therapy services for clients in Alberta and the Northwest Territories. We use a secure web-based platform called Jane, which is specifically designed for health practitioners such as therapists. For more information on Jane,
click here.
What therapies are available through telehealth?
All of the therapeutic interventions offered by MSPWC are offered online. However, there are times when telehealth might not be suitable. We recommend in person therapy for clients who may be suffering from particularly acute mental health challenges or need a high level of care. If you are unsure about whether telehealth therapy is the right option for you, please contact us to discuss what best fits your needs.
How to prepare for your telehealth therapy session

Prior to your appointment…

  1. Return any forms emailed to you.
  2. Review the informed consent information that will be sent to you before your first session.
  3. Check out the Jane platform
Midnight Sun Psychological Wellness Centre uses the Jane platform for online therapy appointments.

You will receive a reminder email 2 days before your appointment. On the day of your appointment you will receive a text reminder 2 hours before your appointment. The link to the online session will be emailed to you 30 minutes before your appointment.

Getting ready for your session
It’s important to prepare a safe and private environment for online therapy that is comparable to the environment you would have if you were in a therapist’s office. Some suggestions we have are
  • Find a comfortable and quiet space that is free from distractions and interruptions
  • Try to place your device on a steady surface so you are free to get comfortable and focus on your session
  • Turn off any other devices or disable any notifications that may disturb your session
  • If you would like, have a glass of water or a cup of tea ready before the session begins
  • Prepare for your session by thinking about what you would like to get out of the session
  • When it is your appointment time, click on the link you were sent to begin your session
After your Session
While doing therapeutic work can lead to long term gains, it is also normal to feel tired or drained after your therapy session. Similar to going to a chiropractor or physiotherapist, it’s important to take care of yourself after working your mental and emotional muscles. Some suggestions we have are:
  • Create a post-therapy or transitional routine that can bridge your time in therapy to the next part of your day
  • Taking a walk
  • Have a cup of tea
  • Do something that orientates you to the present like creating or reviewing your schedule for the day
  • Write your thoughts down so you can leave them for another time
  • Listen to some soothing music
  • Practice deep breathing
  • Always let your therapist know if you are experiencing persistent or distressing negative feelings after therapy! There are always options to begin transitioning out of session earlier in the therapy process

About Jane

Jane is an online telehealth platform which manages bookings, scheduling, billing, and client notes.
Jane is compatible with tablets, smart phones, laptops, and desktop computers with Android, Apple, or Microsoft technologies.
Jane stores all client information in a regional data centre located in Canada. This means that your information does not leave the country and complies with local privacy legislation.
Information on how clients can access their online appointment on Jane is provided through the video below:
How to use Jane for telehealth:

For more information about Jane’s Privacy Policy, please check out the link below:
For more information about Jane’s Terms & Conditions, please visit the link below:
If you have any questions about the Jane platform, please contact us.